Driving can be a joy and simultaneously a real pain in the neck!  No matter if you love it or can barely tolerate it, driving is the primary mode of transportation individuals use to get from one place to another.

The one thing that all drivers can live without is traffic. This alone can cause a dent in your travel plans. Traffic jams can also be a dangerous hazard on the road because of "smart drivers" who try to get ahead of the line. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a state with limited traffic issues? Oh wait...there are some states that fit this description!

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Our friends at WalletHub just released a new survey that shows the best and worst driving states. Based on WalletHub's results, there are some Midwestern states that cracked the top ten list. There is even a Midwestern state that made it to the top spot. Before you say South Dakota...it's not our state. In fact, South Dakota was not even identified as one of the ten best driving states.

WalletHub's "data set ranges from average gas prices to rush-hour traffic congestion to road quality."

The best states to drive in throughout the United States include:

  1. Iowa (Wow!)
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Kansas
  4. North Carolina
  5. Texas
  6. Georgia
  7. Wisconsin 
  8. Tennessee
  9.  Illinois 
  10. Indiana 

Some of the worst states to drive in include Colorado, California (no surprise there with its traffic issues), Michigan, Missouri, Hawaii, and Rhode Island.

Why is Iowa considered the best driving state?

The experts at WalletHub explain that there are barely any traffic or infrastructure issues on the roads. Iowa’s top rating can also be attributed to the cost of car ownership as well as minimal car maintenance.

Where does South Dakota land on this list? Our state is the 23rd best driving state. Despite being in the middle of the pack, South Dakota’s data indicates one of the lowest auto maintenance costs in the country.

If you need a little weekend getaway, it looks like Iowa is the place for a little road trip!


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