The Green Bay Packers got bounced from the postseason before it officially started. Following a heartbreaking home loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, Packers fans are now turning their attention to the offseason and what's ahead.

Part of the offseason is learning of your opponents for the upcoming season. The NFL has released opponents for all 32 teams, and here's a look at who the Packers will face.

Green Bay finished third in their division this season with a mark of 8-9, and will face the following opponents in 2023:

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Home: Bears, Lions, Vikings, Chiefs, Chargers, Rams, Saints, Buccaneers

Away: Bears, Lions, Vikings, Falcons, Panthers, Broncos, Raiders, Giants, Steelers

It is an easier schedule in terms of strength of schedule than Packers fans are used to.

There are tons of decisions to be made this offseason, including one big one regarding whether to retire or continue playing by veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

We'll see how it all shakes out in due time, but the Packers should have ample opportunity to improve upon a disappointing 2022 campaign next season with a favorable schedule.


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