Iowa (by and large) is a pretty safe place to live. In fact, according to World Population Review, it's the sixth safest state to live in the entire U.S.

That being said, some areas of the Hawkeye State are much safer than others, and if you look closely, you'll see an interesting trend when observing the top ten on this list.

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According to the city-data website, Neighborhood Scout, these are the top ten safest towns in all of Iowa:

10) Middle Amana

9) Latimer

8) Blakesburg

7) Harpers Ferry

6) Maynard

5) Montpelier

4) Persia

3) Manilla

2) Ridgeway

And the Safest Town in Iowa Is...

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

1) Sherril: That's right, this tiny town in Eastern Iowa is the safest spot in the state. It's located in Dubuque County and currently has a population of 189 people.

Sherril may be small but it offers a lot to its residents, as well as anyone passing through. With gorgeous views of the Mississippi River and a delightful Bed and Breakfast, this quaint little town should be on anyone's bucket list.

Neighborhood Scout got the results by combining violent crime and property crime within the state's borders.

As you can see all of these places have something in common. They're all small towns, isolated from the everyday business that goes on in Iowa's bigger cities.

Also, interestingly enough, all but two of the towns listed are in the eastern half of the state (East of Interstate 35).


Story Source: World Population Review, Neighborhood Scout

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