Every year there are great story lines surrounding the MLB All Star Festivities.

From Cal Ripken's memorable final appearance to the great scene at CITI Field in 2013 as we bid farewell to the great Mariano Rivera to Pete Rose playing All Star Games like they were for the NL Pennant,  moments like those keep the fans tuned in each and every season.

This year will be no different.

Here are the top 5 reasons you need to tune in this year to MLB's All Star Festivities.


  • 1

    The Showcasing of Target Field & the city of Minneapolis

    Calling Minneapolis/St.Paul my home for 5 years while in college at the University of Minnesota, I have a special place in my heart for the Twin Cities.  Now the world will get a opportunity to see one of the key pieces of the city, that being Target Field.

    With all its visual glory, the field and venue itself seems much more intimate for the fans than many other parks across the country.

    With different additions throughout Target Field specifically for the All Star Events, Target Field will even have more to offer than what fans are accustomed to seeing when attending Twins games.

    Plus, the city itself is continuing to grow int he right ways and downtowns revival began with the building of Target Field and now has continued throughout the downtown area.

    Enjoy the city and Target Field as Minneapolis has a great thing going on!

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  • 2

    Justin Morneau in the Home Run Derby

    Justin Morneau grew up a Twin. Coming into his own as a player and really asserting himself as a solid power hitter and All Star with the organization.

    Now a member of the Colorado Rockies, Morneau will get the opportunity to return to Minneapolis where he used to call home and try and take home the Home Run Derby Title.

    I can't wait to see this reception from the fans of Minnesota when Morneau steps up to the plate for the Derby.

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  • 3

    Yasiel Puig's 1st All Star Game

    There is not a more exciting player in all of baseball right now than that of one Yasiel Puig.

    The Dodgers star finds himself in his first All Star Game in his first full season in the majors.

    Coined the "Wild Horse", Puig will get a chance to showcase his skills to the world on one night for them all to see.

    I was disappointed that when I was in NYC last year for the All Star Festivities that Puig wasn't a part of the mix, but I am ecstatic that he is this time around.

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  • 4

    Farewell To Derek Jeter

    Class personified.  That is Derek Jeter.

    Over the years we've come to appreciate and sometimes take for granted the GREATNESS that is Jeter.

    Now, we bid him farewell this season as he prepares for retirement with one last go around at the All Star Game.

    Last year's farewell tour included the greatest closer in the game, Mariano Rivera, this year it will be bidding farewell to Derek Jeter.

    Not many things give me chills in sports like saying goodbye to the greats and I'm sure those emotions will rise to the surface when Jeter steps off the All Star Field for the final time.

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  • 5

    Home Field Advantage

    As ridiculous as it is, they do play for home field advantage in the World Series at the MLB All Star Game.

    The winning team, the National or American League, will secure home field advantage for the World Series for their respective league by doing so.

    So pay attention, because even though it is July, a lot of what could be happening in October will be decided on July 15th.

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