We spent another month ordering in food to find the best Mexican food options for lunch around the Sioux Empire.

Back in February, we spent our time finding the best wings around the Sioux Empire and the response was huge! Wanting to continue to help out our local and regional eateries, we set out on a new task for the month of March and decided to find the best Mexican food lunch options around Sioux Falls.

Now, we will fully admit that our system is partly flawed. Both Jeff Thurn and I did not eat the exact same meal at every restaurant this time around. We also will stress that the "lunch options" portion to this is in regards to places that we were able to order from during the lunch hours (11:00 AM - 2:00 PM). Many Mexican places around Sioux Falls have a split lunch and dinner menu in which the lunch menu doesn't include rice, beans, or any extras. In instances in which we weren't able to get the sides (for the sake of the contest), we ordered the dinner portion. All of these places though are open for lunch and offer a wide variety of options.

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In total, we ordered meals from 16 different places that stretched from traditional sit-down Mexican restaurants to the standard fast-food options that you would expect. Both of us would then grade our meal on a scale of 0 (needing to run immediately to the bathroom) to 100 (it satisfies us more than anything in the world) and then take the average of the two to get the overall score.

Based on another "scientific study" of eating 16 different meals from 16 different restaurants, here are the eight best Mexican food places to grab lunch around the Sioux Empire. Let the debate begin!

Top Places in Sioux Falls to Get Mexican Food for Lunch

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