Have you noticed the urban art that is sprouting up all over downtown Sioux Falls?

Gone are all the boring looking traffic signal control boxes. They are now in the process of being replaced by extremely colorful, creative-looking original art pieces designed by a variety of artists.

The idea to spruce up a portion of the landscape in downtown came about when the Sioux Falls Arts Council did a call for original art designs earlier this year. As Pigeon 605 reports, the council anticipated maybe getting around 50 some entries. They ended up tripling that!

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A total of 176 different art submissions were sent to the council via their art call...

The Sioux Falls Arts council was absolutely blown away by the number of fantastic-looking designs that do an excellent job of depicting the diversity that can be found in Sioux Falls.

Over the next several weeks, Sioux Falls residents will begin to see all this different artwork come to life on 26 different utility boxes that will be covered in durable, graffiti-proof vinyl scattered throughout the downtown district of the city.

Sioux Falls Urban Art
Photo by: Pigeon 605 (with permission)

The executive director of the Sioux Falls Arts Council, Kellen Boice, told our friend Jodi Schwan at Pigeon 605, the goal of the art box project was to "Highlight all the artists in the community of Sioux Falls and not just the ones we typically talk to, the ones who follow us and would know about it.”

By the response, I'd say mission accomplished.

The next time you visit downtown Sioux Falls, make sure to take the time to look at all the outstanding original artwork from these very talent artists that can be found on utility boxes between Sixth and 14th streets, from Minnesota Avenue to just east of Phillips Avenue.

Another really cool aspect of the art box project...

Is that QR codes will be installed on each art piece. Spectators can scan the codes with their phones to learn more about the artists through audio recordings.

Get the entire backstory on the Sioux Falls Arts Council art box project here with  Pigeon 605.

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Source: Pigeon 605

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