Throughout the week in Houston on Radio Row, you could find numerous current and former Minnesota Vikings making the rounds leading up to the Super Bowl.

Adrian Peterson wasn't there and is a current Viking but could be a former Viking sooner than later.

Two Vikings that were there, TE Kyle Rudolph and QB Taylor Heinicke both would like Adrian Peterson to continue as the running back in Minnesota.

When I asked them both the same question about whether or not they believed Peterson had played his last down on their team, they both responded with the same answer, "I hope not".

This topic of discussion has many layers, from business to production, but both pointed to his credentials throughout his NFL tenure as reason enough to keep him around.

Peterson's cap hit in 2017 isn't worth keeping him on the roster unless a deal is worked out to restructure it. That is not new news, but it is what it is at this point in his career especially after he missed the majority of 2016.

I think the decision will be simple and it wont make Rudolph or Heinicke happy, but there is no way you need to keep Peterson at this point in his career. The production isn't worth the money first and foremost, but even more so, it appears Peterson has checked out already.

Recently talking on ESPN's First Take, Peterson explained how he would like to play for other teams than Minnesota including Tampa Bay, Houston and Giants.

There clearly is a portion of the locker room that does want to retain Peterson but I believe others have been ready to move on for a while.

March will come soon enough and the decision will be made on Peterson's future in the purple and gold.