Our older relatives will tell you that when a predicted storm was in the near future getting to the grocery store for milk, eggs, bread, and coffee was a top priority. Some would agree that some things never change. True!

So with those four things now on your list what else should you be concerned about? How about fresh gas for your snow blower? If last year’s snow shovel is full gaps and cracks just replace it. Maybe a good idea to pick up a bag of ice melt or kitty litter to spread on the icy driveway and sidewalk.

And then there are things for your car when traveling in winter weather. That Winter Survival Kit should include at minimum a shovel, ice scraper, blanket or sleeping bag, flashlight, bottled water, jumper cables, and a first-aid kit.

We love our winters here in the upper Plains and the outdoor winter activities are fun for just about everyone. But please be prepared this season and keep yourself and others safe.