How and When did this happen?

It happened yesterday, (Wednesday, June 1, 2022).

According to the Sioux Falls Police Department Animal Control Unit, they responded to a call about a man who had been bitten by a stray dog near Lincoln High School.

This dad was out walking with his three kids near Lincoln High School, at 2900 S. Cliff Avenue when a stray dog came running towards him and his children.

What time did this occur on Wednesday?

The dad said it was right around 5 PM. The dog approached and tried to bite one of his kids. So the eventual victim grabbed the dog by its scruff and pulled the dog away. This is when the dog bit the man on his hand, leaving puncture wounds.

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What kind of dog was it?

The male victim identified the dog as a 50 to 60-pound Brown Labrador. He does not remember if the dog was wearing a collar or not. But its owner was definitely not with the dog.

How important is it to identify this dog?

Very important! Animal Control needs to identify the dog to find out if it has had its vaccinations. Otherwise, the victim will have to undergo rabies treatment. If you have any information on the dog or its owner, please call Animal Control immediately at 367-7000.

Details on the dog again, please.

Brown Labrador, 50 to 60 pounds, bit a Sioux Falls man near Lincoln High School, around 5 PM Wednesday (June 1, 2022)  when the victim attempted to keep the dog away from his children.


Call Sioux Falls Animal Control to help at 367-7000 ASAP!

Source: Sioux Falls Police Department Animal Control Division

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