What South Dakotan has played in the most NFL games?

Well geez, that's easy. It's got to be Adam Vinatieri.

Yes. Yes it is, and you're right, that's an easy one. Vinateiri has been playing in the NFL for about a hundred years (OK, since 1996) and wants to play again next year. And why not? That football going straight through the goal posts is a familiar sight when the Rapid City native puts his foot to the ball. He's still got it, so you can bet an NFL team somewhere (Vikings?) will want to have him trot onto the field to kick another game winner.

But here's a bit tougher question...what South Dakotan has played the second most games in the NFL?


Make your best guess, and before we get to that, just so you know, Adam is inching to most games played in the NFL ever! Adam is at 353, and tied for second with Gary Anderson behind #1 Morten Andersen (382).

Yes, they're all kickers. It's the healthiest spot on the roster of an NFL team.

OK then, just who is the South Dakotan who's played the second most NFL games?

Well, we need to head west river again. Rapid City's John Dutton played in 185 games for the Baltimore Colts (Yes Virginia, the Colts were once in Baltimore) but more notably with the Dallas Cowboys.

Pro Football Reference Has A Complete rundown of South Dakotans who played in the NFL, and it's a pretty good size list!

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