This is what it looks like when someone goes ice fishing in South Dakota. Other than the brief moment when they bring a fish in, does any of that look like it would be fun?

And if you answer yes, please clarify for me.

Is it the part where they are freezing as they dig a hole in the ice?

Is it the part where they risk their lives as they walk across ice that may or may not crack and potentially could have them fall into a bath of frozen ice water?

Is it the part where they have to expose their hands to the cold as they pull a fish out of the frigid water?

Or is it the part where they catch a thing I could buy in the friendly confines of a heated Hy-Vee, where they already have it cleaned for me?

Even if you put a nice roof over it and have a five star shack, I think I am going to pass. Even those things sometimes end up in the drink. Either way, I prefer other activities that don't involve freezing temps and risking my life.

Movies, a nice dinner, indoor sporting events and the couch are all better options for me during the winter, but I know living in South Dakota that we have many outdoor sporting enthusiasts that find joy in this kind of madness.

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