Will Teddy Bridgewater be a Minnesota Vikings QB next season?

That is the multimillion dollar question right now as the organization and Bridgewater's representatives look at the options this off season.

The answer though isn't as easy as it may seem with a question about his contract being tolled as the potential stumbling block to a deal being done sooner than later.

Basically, the Vikings are hoping that his contract is tolled so they could essentially pay him the same amount of money they did in 2017, a little over $1.3 million.

On the flip side of things, Bridgewater's representatives and the NFLPA will argue that Teddy was cleared to play before week 6 even though the Vikings didn't clear him then.

If they would of cleared him prior to week 6, he would become a free agent and his rookie contract would be concluded.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of precedent for the decision as I spoke with NFLPA President DeMaurice Smith on Thursday and he told me that "he didn't want to speak on precedent because he really didn't know yet" but added that if the information is in Teddy's favor that they would "fight for him".

Vikings GM Rick Speilman was on my show the same day and he talked about his desire to stay away from the conversations surrounding Teddy and other business news, but did say "they are in a good position" with options this off season at QB.

I assume if Teddy's contract is indeed tolled, that the Vikings would for sure keep him around as the backup to either Keenum or someone else they would add in a trade or free agency.

Nothing from this year or even over the last 18 months since Bridgewater's injury would lead any reasonable mind to announce Bridgewater the starter considering when he was healthy two years ago, his stats didn't even put him in the top 20 of starters in the NFL.

That said, he is a tremendous guy, a super hard worker and his story of resilience to come back from that catastrophic injury is something to be amazed it, all leading many to believe he will pursue other options to start if it isn't in Minnesota.

Regardless of the outcome with Teddy's contract, Speilman was correct, they do have options at QB and that can only bode well for Minnesota as they make another run at a Super Bowl in 2018.

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