Finding work in South Dakota isn't hard when you have these great communities putting out the call to increase the labor force.

The Department of Labor and Regulation Watertown Job Service is hosting its fourth “Walk-in Watertown” recruiting and hiring event on Wednesday from 11:00 AM -2:00 PM at 2001 9th Ave. SW, Suite 200.

Jobseekers who are unable to attend Wednesdays can schedule for the event on Wednesday, March 15 at the Watertown Job Service office.

The next Stroll Sioux Falls hiring event is Thursday, February 16 with Groomer’s Choice, CHS, Sanford, ABM, and Ulti-Med. Get a face-to-face interview with these employers through the Department of Labor and Regulation (DLR) Sioux Falls Job Service

Next week, February 21 Tour de Yankton Jobs Hiring Event will showcase various career opportunities in Yankton. Those participating in the February Tour de Yankton include Cimpl Meats (American Foods Group), Yankton County Sheriff, Perkins, Jimmy John’s, Applied Engineering, DLR Yankton Job Service, and the South Dakota Human Services Center.

The next Tour de Yankton hiring event is scheduled for Tuesday, March 21.


Individuals attending these events seeking employment should bring a resume and be prepared to interview for open positions in which they may be interested.

11 Things You’ll Only Understand After Living in South Dakota

From soda to pop to sloppy Joes, different parts of of the country have their own local quirks and language. Simple phrases can have totally different means, local events may seem weird, and food may go by a unique name.

If you're new to South Dakota here is a sort of translation guide for some odd things you may see or hear.

12 Businesses That Would Do Great in Sioux Falls' Abandoned Gordmans Building

For thirty years the people of Sioux Falls saw the sign for Gordmans off-price department store across the parking lot from the Empire Mall.

In September of 2020, the store closed for its final time. Since then the building has sat empty, something that doesn't happen too often in Sioux Falls.

We were wondering what people in Sioux Falls would like to see take over the space. Some folks wanted their Gordmans back. It was a great place to find deals on clothing. But, all the Gordmans are gone, so that's a no-go.

And since we've gotten our Chick Fil A and Chipotle, the city is primed for another thing to line up for.

The 6 Types of South Dakota Drivers You Deal With Every Winter

Every year it snows in Sioux Falls. We may live in denial during the spring and summer, but it happens.

When the snow falls on the Falls, life in the city does not stop. We all still have to go to work, school, and the liquor I mean go get snacks.

When you tackle the snowy routes around town you tend to run across six types of drivers in the snow.

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