A farmer in Exeter, Nebraska made an unusual discovery after draining a water storage pond on his land.  He found an ATM.

Wynn Hall began the process of draining a pond and let the pumps run overnight.  So imagine his surprise when he checked the progress in the morning and found an ATM sitting in the mud at the bottom of the empty pond.

At first, Hall thought the object was some kind of household appliance.

Hall told KOLN-TV, "I thought who would throw a refrigerator or a stove and put it in the pond, in fact, the deepest part of the pond in fact...why would that be down there."

Hall grabbed his phone to take a picture of the unidentified object.  After zooming in he thought the object looked like an ATM.

Hall doesn't know how long the ATM was at the bottom of his pond because he hasn't drained in more than a year. He said it didn't appear to have been in the water for more than a few weeks.

After determining what the object was, Hall contacted the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office.  A team was dispatched to remove the ATM. Deputies said an ATM had recently been stolen in the area.

A stolen ATM found at the bottom of a lake in the middle of a farm.  What are the odds?

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