The Big Baller Brand has their latest shoe hitting the market and it isn't for the oldest Ball brother nor is it for the middle Ball brother, it is for their youngest brother, LaMelo Ball.

The 16 year old junior in high school now has a shoe on the market that is more expensive than any current NBA players shoe and only $100 less than his NBA brothers shoe.

This raises many questions in the minds of skeptics and supporters.

Supporters want to know when they can get the new shoe and what kind of color options they can scoop it in.

Naysayers are wondering what Lavar Ball is doing this time and how this may affect LaMelo's future eligibility in college.

The NCAA hasn't officially commented on the situation but according to multiple reports, the fact that he now is making money off of his own likeness may affect his future NCAA eligibility.

The Ball family doesn't seem to be worried though as LaMelo isn't under NCAA jurisdiction until he signs a letter of intent.


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