The Minnesota Vikings have got off to a dreadful start and they have figured out how to lose games in so many ways.

That said, in 2020 more teams make the playoffs in the National Football League than ever before and we all know this year as a whole is full of surprises.

So can the Minnesota Vikings make the playoffs?

Here are three ways that the Minnesota Vikings can turn around their season and get back in the playoff mix.

1.  Quit turning over the football and start forcing more turnovers for the opposing team.  Right now the Minnesota Vikings rank third-worst in the NFL in regards to turning the football over. They currently have had 7 interceptions and 2 fumbles. On the defensive side of the ball, Minnesota has only forced 4 turnovers which rank near the bottom of the NFL.

2.  Figure out a way to slow down the other teams passing attack. Minnesota has been solid against the run, but really bad against the passing game. It started with Aaron Rodgers torching the Vikings secondary in the opening game and hasn't improved a ton since. Combine losing a lot of depth from the secondary in the offseason and young replacements and you get the results the Vikings have been getting. Currently, Minnesota is giving up 271.4 YPG through the air.

3.  Get better decision making out of your head coach.  Mike Zimmer is a good NFL head coach but he has proven he isn't elite. In the last game against the Seahawks, Zimmer helped give the game away with some questionable calls and interesting groupings late in the game. You can't have your head coach holding you back and Zimmer has been doing that lately.

If the Vikings can sure up some of those areas over the next few weeks against opponents like Atlanta, Green Bay, Detroit, and Chicago, then this season could be much different than what the expectations are currently.

It looks great on paper, but if the Vikings don't do these three things, this season could get real ugly, real quick.

The Minnesota Vikings are currently 1-4 and are scheduled to host the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

No fans are allowed at the Vikings game this weekend and the team announced recently that they would be continuing to monitor the situation alongside the rules governing the state of Minnesota.

For more information on the Minnesota Vikings, news surrounding the team, and their remaining schedule, you can visit their website. 

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