Any woman who regularly gets her hair colored and cut knows how difficult it is to find the right hair salon and stylist. Once you have the perfect salon and stylist, you want to stick to that business because the proprietor and employees know everything about your hair and haircut style. So it can be a little earth-shattering for ladies when they have to find a new salon and possibly a stylist.

Unfortunately, some women and even men in Sioux Falls will soon have to find a new hair salon. A shocking closure announcement from this Sioux Falls salon is leaving its loyal patrons pretty sad.

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Fine Designs has been part of the Sioux Empire since July of 1987. After almost 35 years in business, Fine Designs is making the difficult decision to close its doors at the end of March. The last official business day for this Sioux Falls hair salon will be Thursday, March 31st.

In a surprising post on its Facebook page, the Sioux Falls hair salon indicated that there would be some changes on the horizon.  The original post did not mention that the Fine Designs shop would be closing for good. Loyal followers of  Fine Designs on Facebook did not seem aware of the shop’s big announcement until they reached the comment section of the post. The owners of Fine Designs want to be closer to family. So, they are going back to Pipestone, Minnesota. Not too far from the Sioux Empire!

There is a silver lining to this unfortunate news. Most of the Fine Designs employees have already found their new career and life adventures. Some of the Fine Designs stylists will be offering their services at D’lux Salon Suites in Sioux Falls. Other stylists are moving back to their home states or retiring.

It's always sad to see another business close its doors in Sioux Falls. Luckily for the crew at Fine Designs, they seem to be ready for the next chapter.

Good luck to everyone who is part of Fine Designs!


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