Chicago Cubs' first baseman Anthony Rizzo is the perfect gentleman. Well, at least he knows it's best to apologize when wrong.

Rizzo took a called strike on a 3-1 count during the 5th inning of NLCS Game 4. Angel Hernandez, the home plate umpire, heard Rizzo's disagreement with the call. But, Rizzo apologized for voicing his displeasure soon enough.

Every MLB hitter has disagreed with an umpire from time to time, many of whom voice their displeasure in one way or another: yelling, muttering, shaking their head, etc.

Rizzo is the first instance I can remember of a player apologizing to an umpire before his next at-bat. Maybe it happens more often and we just don't hear about it because it doesn't usually happen on a stage as big as the National League Championship Series.

Either way, Rizzo did the right thing. Guys, take note. And ladies, find yourself an Anthony Rizzo.