Augustana University has announced that its plan for athletic facilities on campus to reopen is underway.

The first phase of the reopening started on June 1 with Sioux Falls metro area student-athletes being able to return to the facilities. Starting on Monday, June 8, those that are participating in fall sports are able to return. The final phase of the return will take place one week later on June 15 when all student-athletes are allowed.

During the time in which athletes will be back, access to equipment and areas will also return in phases. As part of the first phase, locker rooms, fueling stations, equipment rooms, and other shared spaces will be closed. Those areas will open when the second and third phases are safe to enact. The timeframe on that, along with the full integration phase, will be determined by the CDC, Governor of South Dakota, the Mayor of Sioux Falls, the medical community, and sports governing bodies.

The Augustana Scenario Planning Task Force approved the plan set forth by Augustana’s Medical Director and Team Physician Dr. Scott Boyens and Head Athletic Trainer Brian Gerry. The plan includes the following policies:

  • "A pre-screening prior to receiving approval to use Augustana athletics facilities, which includes reviewing educational materials regarding new COVID-19 protocols in place.
  • Daily check-in measures upon entry including temperature and daily symptom checks.
  • Route mapping for entry and exit in and around the Augustana athletics facilities.
  • Enforcement of social distancing guidelines and requiring face masks when those guidelines are not possible (i.e., weight room spotting).
  • Reporting for workouts in their own gear, leaving immediately at the conclusion of their workout and locker rooms will only be accessible for personal hygiene (i.e., washing of hands and use of the restrooms).
  • The completion of thorough post-session cleaning and disinfecting prior to the start of any new training sessions.
  • Capacity will be limited in indoor venues with specific sign-up times for student-athletes."

More information regarding the facilities being open and rules/regulations can be found through Augustana University.

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