It sure must feel good to be Bart Starr right about now. Earlier this week Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker proclaimed the first week in November as Bart Starr week in Wisconsin.

"Bart Starr is a football legend," Governor Walker stated. "Starr has made Wisconsin proud both on and off the field," Governor Walker continued.

I'm sure in the minds of Packer fans, there should be a whole month dedicated to the legendary Green Bay quarterback. I'm sure that in the minds of other NFC North fans, no more than a couple of minutes should be given in dedication. Regardless of a fans affiliation with the Green Bay Packers, everyone should recognize and respect the greatness that was Bart Starr. Starr helped take the sport of football to the excitement levels we enjoy today. He was a dominating athlete and one of the best players to ever wear a Packer uniform.

From his own street name, to establishments, and now his own week, Bart Starr has certainly cemented himself as one of the greatest players to have ever stepped foot in Lambeau field. Bart Starr will forever be a legend in title town and one of the most beloved NFL athletes of all time.

So let me certainly not be the last to say congratulations to an NFL legend in Bart Starr.