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Going into this weekends College Football action, there were four undefeated teams, that had legitimate BCS National Championship hopes.

As of today there is only three.

The number one team in the BCS standings, Alabama went down to #15 Texas A&M 29-24 at home on Saturday afternoon.

Thus leaving Notre Dame, Kansas State and Oregon controlling their own destiny as to their perfect season dreams.

As I've said for weeks now, Notre Dame deserves to be in the National Championship game regardless of their opponent, whether that was to be Alabama, or now possibly Kansas State or Oregon.

Lets take a look at the remaining schedules of all of these undefeated teams.

Kansas State (10-0)

Baylor Nov.17 (Away)

#17 Texas Nov. 24 (Home)

Notre Dame

Wake Forest Nov.17 (Home)

#19 USC Nov. 24 (Away)


#14 Stanford (Home)

#11 Oregon St. (Away)

As you look at these schedules, its clear to see with two top 25 opponents on the docket, Oregon will have the toughest road to a undefeated season, especially considering they are the only undefeated team that will have to play in a Conference Championship game.

Kansas State and Notre Dame both have one top 25 team left to play and both of those matchups occur on the final weekend of the regular season.

I believe that Oregon will lose a game.  If it doesnt come vs. #14 Stanford or #11 Oregon St., it will come in the Pac12 Championship game.  I just dont think they have the defense to sustain a undefeated run.

I have been a doubter of Kansas State, however after watching week after week, I could easily see them beat Baylor this weekend and move on to defeat #17 Texas as well on their way to a perfect season.

Furthermore, I know Notre Dame will complete the run and stay unbeaten.  According to this logic, without some unforseen chaos from the BCS computer system, Notre Dame would take on KSU in Miami for the National Championship come January.

Obviously this is why they play the games and I know just as well as every college football fans knows, that chaos is the C in the BCS.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the final few weeks of action!



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