Can we please quit referring to the city of Cleveland as "The Land"? I am so tired of hearing people to refer to Cleveland as "The Land" as if it is a special place or something.

We all know without LeBron James in Cleveland that it would be an after thought as one of the worst cities to visit in the United States.

I love LeBron and I love the fact that he has a big enough heart to still call a place home even after it turned their back on the greatest player of all time after when he did what was best for him years back when he left for Miami. But what I don't like is the references to Cleveland as "The Land."

You see it referenced by athletes, clothing and many more and it makes me cringe every time I hear those words referenced with that city.

I mean seriously, "The Land"? Give me a break.

Cool cities get names like that and we all know Cleveland isn't a cool city.

Miami is a cool city, i.e. South Beach.

New York is a cool city, i.e. NYC or the Big Apple.

Los Angeles is a cool city i.e. LA LA Land

Houston is a cool city, i.e. H-Town.

But certainly not Cleveland.

So ditch the nickname now, so that when LeBron leaves in a few years to end his career in a much better city that you don't have to go through the divorce of a misappropriated nickname as well.

It's going to be hard enough dealing with your second divorce from the King.

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