On Friday’s edition of Overtime, ESPN College Football analyst Dan Hawkins joins Jeff Thurn. 

Hawkins is a former football coach at Boise State and Colorado. Hawkins is also an analyst for Sirius XM. Hear his conversation with Thurn on Overtime below:

Ohio State beat Alabama, and Oregon beat Florida State to advance to the college football championship, January 11. Thurn asks Hawkins which result surprised him the most:

"Well I think most people were picking Ohio State. I think most people thought Oregon would win. I did not. I am a terrible picker anyways. I thought the Alabama-Ohio State game would be a lot closer than most people were thinking for a couple reasons. The run game, the turnovers, the special teams, and if you look at most all the bowl games, that kind of rings true and certainly happened in that game. And I think that's why Ohio State ended up winning it."

Was this year's selection committee and college football playoff system better than the BCS?

"Well it's interesting. I think that some people have been talking a little bit after this thing is over here that the BCS formula was still in place, it would have been Alabama and Florida State. And left out Oregon and Ohio State. I do think they are moving in the right direction. I will be honest with you, I've been in it (playoff system) in Division II, and NAIA. It is a grind. It is an unbelievable grind when you have to play three games to get to the championship. I think that is extremely hard. I don't know if it bears the best team, is the most healthy team. Unfortunately we lost our starting cornerback in the semifinals. Both instances we ended up in the national championship game. But didn't win it. I thought this year they got the four teams right, but really felt bad for TCU and Baylor. I really did. I thought I know what goes in to what those kids sacrifice, how hard they work and the seasons they had. To be left out of it, Troy Calhoun at Air Force calls it 'un-American.' It probably feels like that. I know Baylor lost to Michigan State, but clearly you look at a TCU and go 'hm, well I bet these guys would have been  in the tournament well.' I really hope it goes to a six-team tournament and give first and second teams a first-round bye and let those other 3-6 battle it out and work their way into it."

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Streeter Lecka/Getty Images
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

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