Did a college basketball coach have to resign for supporting his players who were kneeling during the National Anthem?

Well, I hope the answer is no, but some East Tennessee State University basketball players are saying the answer is unfortunately yes.

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ETSU head men's basketball coach Jason Shay has resigned from his position citing personal reasons for deciding to step away.

"This past year has been extremely challenging for me in many different ways," he said. "It is the right time for a new challenge and an opportunity to reset my personal and professional goals."

Players on the roster believe that their coach stepped away due to the issues that arose from their demonstration.

ETSU senior guard Jordan Coffin said in a video this week "All this about us kneeling, and then Coach Shay supporting us through all of that. People should want a coach that stands behind the players through anything. For that to be a part of why he has to resign, then I don't want no part of that."

Unfortunately, some individuals in his community have been overly abrasive to his support of his players and even have gone to some crazy means to try and stop their protest against racial inequalities.

According to ESPN, "a letter signed by all 27 members of the Republican Caucus in the Tennessee Senate called on university presidents across the state system to enact policies to ban on-court protests."

It hasn't just been ETSU in the state of Tennesee who has been protesting racial inequalities, the University of Tennesee women's basketball team did the same thing after the insurrection in January.

ETSU ended the season 13-12 overall and 8-7 in their conference.

For more information on the ETSU coaching search, the team, and news surrounding their program, you can visit their website. 


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