Does Minnesota Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter deserve more respect after all the big numbers he's put up?

Ever since Hunter was drafted in the third round with the 88th overall pick, he has been overproducing and been under-appreciated by NFL fans and pundits.

His numbers over his career speak for themselves, but what I found to be even more substantial was the support he received from his teammates and fellow colleagues.

Many took to social media to bust up the last and call foul that Hunter was left off.

In 2019, Hunter tallied 3 forced fumbles, 52 solo tackles, 14.5 sacks while starting all 16 games.

I understand the fact that his personality hasn't emerged to the point where he is a household name like Watt or others, but the pure fact that he is dominating should be enough to get him on these lists.

Don't think for a second that Hunter isn't going to use this as motivation, which must make defenses very nervous entering the 2020 season.

So to answer the original question, YES, Danielle Hunter does deserve more respect from analysts and fans but he already has all he needs from his peers.

For more information on Danielle Hunter and the Minnesota Vikings, you can visit their website.

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