There isn't one great team in the Big 10 Conference but there are at least eight teams that are really good.

On Monday, eight teams landed in the AP Top 25 with Maryland being the top-ranked team from the conference at No. 9.

AP Top 25 Poll

1. Kansas26-3
2. Gonzaga29-2
3. Dayton27-2
4. Baylor25-3
5. San Diego State28-1
6. Kentucky24-5
7. Florida State24-5
8. Seton Hall21-7
9. Maryland23-6
10. Louisville24-6
11. Creighton22-7
12. Duke23-6
13. Oregon22-7
14. Villanova22-7
15. BYU24-7
16. Michigan State20-9
17. Auburn24-5
18. Iowa20-9
19. Ohio State20-9
20. Penn State21-8
21. Houston22-7
22. Virginia21-7
23. Illinois20-9
24. Wisconsin19-10
25. Michigan18-11

Some college basketball analysts believe the Big 10 may get upwards of 10 teams in the NCAA Tournament.

Even though the Big 10 could get double-digit teams into the big dance, it doesn't guarantee a championship.

With the likes of Gonzaga, Duke, Dayton, San Diego State, and Kansas all looming, the path to a title will be tough for the Big 10 even if they send ten teams dancing.

Kansas remained No.1 in the country for another week and have solidified themselves as a stable force atop the AP standings.