Usually, people would be excited about getting a birdie on the golf course, but for me, this "one-under" was a little bit different.

I will be the first to tell you that the only thing about my golf game that is consistent is that I'm very inconsistent. I somehow managed to knock in a hole-in-one at the Brandon Golf Course (#4) back in 2016, but I've more so had days where a standard par-3 might take me eight shots.

This was one of those days at Bakker's where most of my shots were terrible. Even playing in a scramble, I wasn't helping my team that much in general.

But I did have another shot that I won't forget any time soon.

Stepping up to hole #14 at Bakker, I was anticipating a booming drive. My driver, for the most part, was cooperating with me throughout the day, unlike any other club. That wasn't going to be the case on #14.

I dribbled my drive. It went straight to the next tee box, took a little bounce, and smashed into a bird that was enjoying a beautiful day on the golf course. Sorry for the graphic photo below:

Jerry Palleschi/TSM
Jerry Palleschi/TSM

I feel really bad for the little thing. It didn't stand a chance.

As life would have it, my group would go on to actually birdie the hole and move on to #15. If you're wondering how we ended up as a group...we finished near the bottom of the standings.

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