Reports of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers returning for one more season continue to circulate with the Packers now offering concessions. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports those concessions will have nothing to do with added money.

As Rogers skipped the team's offseason program and the mandatory minicamp, Scheftner says this is about how the way things are run, about structure, about creating a path for Rogers to leave Green Bay potentially after this season. And if Rogers still wants a trade after this year he can get it.

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As reported by ESPN, here are the list of concessions:

  • The 2023 year in Rodgers' contract -- the last one in his current deal -- would be voided, with no tags allowed in the future
  • The Packers would agree to review Rodgers' situation at the end of this season
  • Rodgers' contract would be adjusted with no loss of income to give the Packers more cap room now
  • Mechanisms will be put in place to address Rodgers' issues with the team

As the 2021 NFL training camp begins today Rogers will be entering his 17th NFL season.