The path into the playoffs this season for the Green Bay Packers is a bit of an uphill climb but, with Aaron Rodgers back, hopes are high.

First things first, the Green Bay Packers must win their remaining games against Carolina, Minnesota, and Detroit. One more loss and the team will be eliminated from playoff contention.

Let's say, hypothetically, that the Packers do win out. They still need some help in order to obtain a playoff spot. Green Bay would have a chance at the wild card, but also a chance at the NFC North if Minnesota was to lose out.

The bright side for the wild card spot is that some of the combinations are a guarantee. Example, one of the requirements is that the Seahawks lose one of their remaining games or for the Rams to lose at Seattle and San Francisco. So no matter the outcome of that game, it helps the Packers' chances. The best outcome being a Rams win, but if the Seahawks win the Packers fans would become 49ers fans for the following week. They also get a little bit of help with Carolina playing Atlanta at the end of the regular season.

So while it seems on the surface that it's not likely for the Packers to make the postseason, truth is if they win out they have a pretty good shot at the wild card based on the situations that they need to play out.

But for now, Packers fans just need to worry about winning the remaining games on their schedule first. The rest of it could easily fall into place.

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