When you see property around your neighborhood or other parts of the city that have not been kept up or appear to be abandoned what course of action can you take? Here in South Dakota, this falls under the scope of the South Dakota Real Estate Commission.

The Commission will take your complaint, however, they may direct you to city Zoning Enforcement. If you are reporting an unmowed lawn, an illegally parked vehicle, or if a building is abandoned in Sioux Falls click on the city of Sioux Falls website.

According to the site, code enforcement citations are issued by the City of Sioux Falls in order to assist with efforts to gain voluntary compliance from property owners with the Revised Ordinances of Sioux Falls, as well as state statutes and other codes.

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Those who are found to violate the city code could face a $100.00 fine for a first offense.

Other violations may fall under the category of nuisance vegetation, property maintenance, or abandoned vehicles. Non-emergencies can be reported by calling 605.367.7000. The same number can also be called for Animal Control and traffic lights.

Another option is the South Dakota Association of Code Enforcement is actively involved with and responsible for the enforcement of housing, municipal, county, state, or federal codes.

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