I know most Vikings fans are entering the postseason with that standard nervous excitement, but if there is one group that is confident in the team it's the sharks in Vegas.

History has not been on the side of Minnesota in the NFL postseason. That's not breaking news to anyone, and I know with that one sentence I've probably just made your mind wander into bad memories.

Like Gary Anderson not missing a kick until a trip to the Super Bowl was on the line, a 41-0 blowout to the Giants, a few fumbles by Peterson and subsequent cross-body interception thrown by Favre in 2009, and the infamous "Shank and the Bank" with Blair Walsh...

Stop! Stop! Just stop all the bad thoughts! It's time to throw those way in the back of the brain and not think of them. This is a different team with the best defense in the NFL and the 11th ranked offense in the league.

But there's still that Kai Forbath guy...

STOP! Listen, I know that giving 100% into this potential Super Bowl run is tough to do. But it's time to live in the moment (as much as possible)...at least according to those in Las Vegas.

As of January 3rd, Oddshark says that the Vikings odds to win the NFC Championship Game is +165. Second best in the NFC? Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Los Angeles all tied at +450.

Should we take it a step further? How about odds to win the Super Bowl?

Oddshark has lines for many books in Vegas and all of them paint the same picture for the most part. Brovada has the lines to win the Super Bowl as followed.

  1. New England (+225)
  2. Minnesota (+375)
  3. Pittsburgh (+575)
  4. LA Rams (+750)
  5. New Orleans (+750)
  6. Philadelphia (+1200)
  7. Atlanta (+1600)
  8. Kansas City (+2000)
  9. Jacksonville (+2200)
  10. Carolina (+2500)
  11. Buffalo (+6600)
  12. Tennessee (+10000)

How about thorough a different site like Bookmaker?

  1. New England (+208)
  2. Minnesota (+378)
  3. Pittsburgh (+506)
  4. LA Rams (+991)
  5. New Orleans (+1003)
  6. Philadelphia (+1103)
  7. Kansas City (+1854)
  8. Jacksonville (+2112)
  9. Atlanta (2213)
  10. Carolina (+2719)
  11. Buffalo (+11,576)
  12. Tennessee (+17,500)

Pretty much the same with a few changes in the middle. The difference between the odds for the Vikings and the rest of the teams in the NFC shows that the sharks in Vegas have some high confidence in the Vikings getting to the big game. Minnesota's odds are doubled that of the other teams in the NFC.

So think positive right? They have those big buildings in Vegas because of people who take the flyers on the underdog futures....right?

Enjoy the ride Vikings fans. Let's hope the sharks are right on this one.

Minnesota will host a NFC Divisional Round game Sunday, January 14 at 3:30 PM.

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