It's no secret technology makes massive strides each year, and it's no different when pertaining to video games.

How far have video games, specifically graphics, come through the years? The answer: further than you can imagine.

HoopsHype pondered the same question, so they took the world's greatest player (LeBron James, and I can't believe I actually have to include this in a parenthetical statement for clarification) and compared his video game appearance through the years on different NBA video game platforms.

What I find most fascinating about this journey through LeBron's NBA video game appearance has less to do with the individual detail and more to do with body shape and structure.

The King entered the NBA as a kid. He was thinner and less defined, but as he grew into his body, we saw LeBron's physique take off and transform into the physical specimen he is today. A similar change took place with the 2009 editions of NBA video games.

On a detailed level, it's remarkable how much attention was given to LeBron's tattoos for the first time in NBA 2K11. The subtleties and characteristics of LeBron's tattoos became a mainstay in 2011 NBA video games, and soon detailed depictions of other players' tattoos became a must.

As technology changes and ultimately improves, so too do video games. It'll be interesting to see where technology takes LeBron, the NBA and video games in the future.

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