South Dakota has long been known as a place where unemployment rates are some of the lowest in the country.

Now a new report shows just how robust the state's job market is.

24/7 Wall St, using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, found that the Mount Rushmore State was one of only 14 in America that reported an increase of ten percent or more in job openings from March to April of 2022.

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In fact, South Dakota's growth of nearly 12 percent (11.8%) was the tenth best among all states, with 4,000 more open jobs during that time.

In all, there were 38,000 available jobs in the state at the end of April, which accounts for eight percent of the total jobs in South Dakota.

April's unemployment rate in the state was 2.3 percent, which is tied with New Hampshire and Montana as the fifth-lowest in the nation behind Utah (1.9%), Nebraska (1.9%), Indiana (2.2%), and Minnesota (2.2%).

Overall, the Upper Midwest was well represented on the list of job opening increases, with Iowa, North Dakota, and Minnesota all joining South Dakota in the top ten.


  1. Iowa: +27.4% (32,000 more open jobs)
  2. Wisconsin: +22.7% (48,000 more open jobs)
  3. Alabama: +17.2% (26,000 more open jobs)
  4. North Dakota: +15.6% (5,000 more open jobs)
  5. Illinois: +14.1% (68,000 more open jobs)
  6. Indiana: +13.9% (33,000 more open jobs)
  7. Hawaii: +13.3% (6,000 more open jobs)
  8. Vermont: +13.0% (3,000 more open jobs)
  9. Minnesota: +12.9% (30,000 more open jobs)
  10. South Dakota: +11.8% (4,000 more open jobs)

Overall, 13 states reported a month-to-month drop in unfilled jobs, with Pennsylvania losing the most (-20.6%/103,000) openings.

There were an all-time high 12 million job openings nationwide at the end of April 2022.


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