My dad grew up a hockey player during the years that Minnesota did not have an NBA team. Needless to say, he hasn't exactly been a huge basketball fan during his life... actually, that may be an understatement.

My dad and I have been to at least a hundred Twins games, a dozen Vikings games and a TON of North Stars/Wild games. However, in 35 years of Timberwolves basketball he has only been to three games at Target Center.

The first was in 1993 during Shaquille O'Neal's rookie season when he brought my fifth-grade pals and I to the game to see Shaq play (and hopefully break a backboard).  The second was a few seasons later when we saw them get beat by about 40 points against the 76ers.

The third game was the first-ever home playoff game in 1997. That's it, end of list.

I got my love for the Timberwolves via my basketball-loving grandpa. I remember the Isaiah Rider years, the KG years, the K-Love years and all the garbage and losing in-between. Win or lose (mostly lose), I have been a die-hard from day one.

With that being said, you can imagine my surprise when I got a call from my dad Sunday morning and he asked me if I watched the Timberwolves game. Confused, I answered in the affirmative and asked why he was asking.

He told me 'I have been watching all their games in the playoffs because they might be the only Minnesota team capable of winning a championship.' That blew my mind- that my dad is watching basketball AND the fact that of all the teams in Minnesota, the WOLVES are the one with the best shot at a championship.

I'd like to personally welcome all of the Wolves' bandwagoners on board. There is plenty of room for everyone and you chose a great spot to hop on the bus, enjoy the ride!

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