In order to sign first-round draft pick Garrett Bradbury, the Minnesota Vikings were in need of finding some cap space. Eric Kendricks stepped up to help them out.

Bradbury has officially signed his rookie contract with the Vikings. ESPN's Courtney Cronin reports that Bradbury's salary holds a $2.33 million cap hit for the 2019 season. Minnesota had to find some way to get under the cap while signing its rookie center, and most assumed that tight end Kyle Rudolph would be the one who is in trouble.

While it all made sense for Rudolph's contract to be the one everyone turned to, another Vikings player renegotiated his deal to make everything work. Linebacker Eric Kendricks has agreed to a restructured deal where about half of his salary is converted to a signing bonus spread over a few years according to Cronin. The move has freed up the Vikings to a point where they could have Bradbury and Rudolph on the team and be under the salary cap.

The team can still move forward with potential talks of reworking Rudolph's deal as part of an extension. But at least at this rate, the team would be able to keep all members with the Vikings.

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