With 162 games in the books, it's time for Major League Baseball's postseason to begin. Yep, it's October. ESPN 102.3/AM 1000 KSOO will have the American League Wild Card game tonight between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. Coverage of the subway elimination game begins at 6:30 PM.

The National League Wild Card game is Wednesday as the Los Angeles Dodgers host the St. Louis Cardinals.

League Divisional play begins on Thursday, October 7 with the American League up to bat first. The Chicago White Sox, Houston Astros, and Tampa Bay Rays await tonight's outcome of the Red Sox-Yankees game.

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On Friday, October 8 the National League takes the field where we have the winner of Wednesday's Dodger-Cardinal game to enter the series with the Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, and San Francisco Giants.

Below is a complete schedule of the League Divisional Series:

10/7/2021 Chicago White Sox AL G1 Houston Astros 3:30 PM
10/7/2021 Yankees/Red Sox AL G1 Tampa Bay Rays 7:30 PM

10/8/2021 Chicago White Sox AL G2 Houston Astros 1:30 PM
10/8/2021 Atlanta Braves NL G1 Milwaukee Brewers 4:00 PM
10/8/2021 Yankees/Red Sox AL G2 Tampa Bay Rays 6:30 PM
10/8/2021 Cardinals/Dodgers NL G1 San Francisco Giants 9:00 PM

10/9/2021 Atlanta Braves NL G2 Milwaukee Brewers 4:30 PM
10/9/2021 Cardinals/Dodgers NL G2 San Francisco Giants 8:30 PM

10/10/2021Tampa Bay Rays AL G3 Yankees/Red Sox 3:30 PM
10/10/2021Houston Astros AL G3 Chicago White Sox 7:30 PM

10/11/2021 Tampa Bay Rays AL G4* Yankees/Red Sox TBD
10/11/2021 Houston Astros AL G4* Chicago White Sox TBD
10/11/2021 Milwaukee Brewers NL G3 Atlanta Braves TBD
10/11/2021 San Francisco Giants NL G3 Cardinals/Dodgers TBD

10/12/2021Milwaukee Brewers NL G4* Atlanta Braves TBD
10/12/2021San Francisco Giants NL G4* Cardinals/Dodgers TBD

1013/2021 Chicago White Sox AL G5* Houston Astros TBD
10/13/2021Yankees/Red Sox AL G5* Tampa Bay Rays TBD

10/14/2021Atlanta Braves NL G5* Milwaukee Brewers TBD
10/14/2021Cardinals/Dodgers NL G5* San Francisco Giants TBD
*If Necessary

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