No major changes, just some minor tweaks could be on the way for high school football in South Dakota.

At a recent meeting of the nine-member state's Football Advisory Committee, recommendations on scheduling, weather postponements, and power points were passed along to the state's athletic directors for full approval.

The scheduling changes would only effect the top two classes of 11-man football.

South Dakota High School Activities Assistant executive secretary John Krogstrand told Brookings Radio about the proposal:

As for changes to the current policies on weather, Krogstrand says the SDHSAA is trying to come up with a more consistent way to deal with games that need to be resumed after being halted due to sever weather:

As for changes to the power points, or playoff points, Krogstrand says the SDHSAA is borrowing from other sports to try and make the current system in football more equitable:

Meanwhile, SDHSAA Executive Director Wayne Carney  says the state is changing the way its classifies schools in high school football.

Starting in the 2015-16 school year, only male enrollment in grades 9-12 will be considered when determining which of the seven classes of play a school will participate in.

Carney says the change was necessary  because of the disproportionate numbers of males and females students some schools have.