Not all timed sports are created equal.

In basketball and hockey, when the clock hits zero, the game is over right then and there, regardless of what's happening at that moment.

In football, things are slightly different.  As long as the ball is snapped before time expires, there is no limit as to how long that final play can last.

Here are a couple of very famous examples:

Those history lessons were lost on Spanish Fork High School quarterback Jason Money this week, as his Dons were seconds away from beating Maple Mountain Grove in the Utah Class 4A state play-in game.

With less than four seconds left, all Money had to do was run out the clock on 4th down and his team was on to the next round of the playoffs.

To his credit, he did run the clock out, but he forgot to end the play, which continued after he was stripped of the ball and the next thing you know Maple Mountain’s Brandon Beebe was scampering 25-yards for the game-winning touchdown.

I feel bad for the Spanish Fork kids, but congratulations to the heads up play of Maple Mountain.

One thing is certain: this video will be a teaching tool for football players for years to come so that this history doesn't repeat itself.

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