Sioux Falls has some outstanding restaurants, but which ones are the cream of the crop? Depending on what you're in the mood for, you can find a little bit of everything around town.

One online restaurant review channel made its list of the top 10 restaurants in the entire city. Do you agree with what's at number one?

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10) Roam Kitchen & Bar: Roam serves wood-fired grilled meat, burgers, as well as cocktails and bourbon.

9) Steak-Out: A highly touted steak delivery service in Sioux Falls.

8) Minervas: If you have family who's visiting from out of town, take them to Minervas.

7) Carnival Brazilian Grill: Known for its unique skewered food and fun atmosphere.

6) JL Beers: Good old-fashioned American classics, along with one of the best beer selections in town, hands down.

5) Grille 26: A seasonal American bistro, which changes its design and menu every two months.

4) Jacky's Restaurant: Jacky's is another one of those places that feels synonymous with Sioux Falls. It has a number of locations spread out, throughout the city and has some of the best burritos around.

3) Parker's Bistro: Parker's describes itself as "Elegant Restaurant with Vintage Vibe" and that is a pretty spot-on description. They serve a wide variety of foods on their menu, including Wagyu Beef, Scallops, and even fresh Oysters.

2) Phillips Avenue Diner: This Sioux Falls staple makes some of the best mom and pop food around. If you're looking for an old-fashioned, American-style meal, you won't find a better spot in Sioux Falls than Phillips Ave. Diner.

1) Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews: Surprised? You shouldn't be. Sickies has been a local favorite since they came to town and have a wide variety of unique burgers and brews to choose from.

To watch the full video from Restaurant Reviews Worldwide click here.

Story Source: Restaurant Reviews Worldwide via YouTube


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