Is it just me or are we going backwards instead of moving past the COVID-19 pandemic? does seem that way especially with COVID case numbers rising at an unbelievably rapid rate.

As active COVID-19 infections continue to climb, there are some organizations and businesses reintroducing and requiring COVID-19 protocols that were implemented at the start of the pandemic. This includes enforcing mask mandates inside local establishments. One downtown Sioux Falls delicatessen is now requiring all patrons to wear a mask when not actively eating or drinking.

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M.B. Haskett is known to offer a menu full of delicious breakfast, lunch, AND brunch options. However, in order to keep its doors open, restaurant management has decided to reinstate a temporary mask mandate policy until the beginning of February.

M.B. Haskett made the announcement on its Facebook page to reinstate its mask mandate policy. This mandate goes into effect immediately and will continue until  Wednesday, February 2nd. The staff at M.B. Haskett also included a little note to restaurant patrons and thanked them for helping keep "our little economy running."

The reviews on this decision from the public? As you would expect, they are pretty mixed. However, for the most part, the community supports this choice, especially if that's what it takes to keep this favorite, local restaurant open.

Whatever it takes for the best avocado toast in town. 

Oh thank goodness! This means COVID will be over on February 3rd! Phew!

Ignore the nay sayers, run your business the way that works for you. 

Small businesses like M.B. Haskett have faced extreme challenges for the past two years. Remember to be kind and demonstrate patience as small business owners weather the COVID-19 storm.


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