If the NBA is the destination and you’re at the G League level, finding ways to get better will help close the gap.

Entering his second season with the Skyforce, Ike Nwamu examined what it would take to get to the next level. One part of the equation was purely nutritional.

“This off-season I changed my body. I’ve been eating better and I’m in much better shape so I can be more effective on the court also just making my jump shot more consistent. All that work will come into fruition this season.”

When you make changes, it means a part of what wasn’t working had to be replaced. Nwamu’s diet upgrade meant leaving some cherished food behind.

“For me personally the hardest part was giving up red meat by staying away from a lot of the steaks. I limit that to just once a month. I really don’t eat many sweets so that part wasn’t hard.”

Through two games, Nwamu has already seen the benefit of a refined outside stroke. Last year’s 34 percent performance from deep is overshadowed by a scorching start of 7 of 10 from downtown for the new and improved Ike Nwamu.

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