According to WCCO in the Twin Cities, a group of women who cheered for the Minnesota Vikings for twenty years are being overlooked by the Vikings themselves.

During the years of 1964-1984, the St. Louis Park Parkettes used to be the "cheerleaders" for the Minnesota Vikings.

At the time, the Vikings were playing at Met Stadium and now the Parkettes find themselves being ignored by the NFL team that they loved so much.

In a pre-season Vikings game this year, cheerleaders from the past will be honored however, the Parkettes wont be involved.

The group is not being included in the pre-season game where Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders from the past will be recognized.

During their 20 year tenure, the Parkettes cheered at every Vikings home game.

The Vikings plan on only recognizing the "Vikings Cheerleaders" after 1984.

Over the years, according to WCCO, over 300 women put on the Parkette uniform and they actually won the first battle of NFL cheerleaders in 1979.

Additionally, WCCO reported that the Viking Organization says it meant no ill will towards the Parkette and spokesperson says the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders officially began in 1984 and that’s how far its database goes.

I think it is crazy that the Vikings can't figure out how to honor these women at the same celebration that the other cheerleaders will be honored at during the pre-season game.

We'll see if they figure it out before it becomes a bad PR look for the team.