The Timberwolves have had a below average season from a record standpoint but their expectations may have been too high at the start of the season.

With a group of very talented players but only an average age of 25.3, expectations for many were to make the playoffs this year and not get swept in the first round.

However, they’re a young team in the league and their top six players LaVine, Muhammad, Dieng, Rubio, Anthony-Towns and Wiggins have an average age of only 23.3.

Despite the young age, the Timberwolves have showed flashes of being a great team on the rise. On Tuesday, the Wolves held their own against the Cavaliers with a 108-116 loss.

A loss yes but they hung with the defending NBA champs until the last minutes of the fourth quarter.

The Wolves had some young mistakes, a couple of costly turnovers and bad possessions late in the 4th quarter but they didn’t get pushed around by the Cavs like I thought they would.

Wiggins had himself a night with 41 points and Anthony-Towns went for 26 points with 7 rebounds. Rubio, like normal contributed in his own unique way with 16 assists and 8 rebounds.

Wiggins had a couple of flashes of dominance shooting and going to the rim strong. These types of games need be looked at as a positive for this very young team, you can fix turnovers but you can’t fix talent.

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