There's been an overwhelming amount of headlines claiming LeBron could be exiting Cleveland again for Los Angeles or Miami after next season.

But realistically, if LeBron is actually trying to surpass Jordan, going to Los Angeles or Miami to play with his buddies will not get him closer to Jordan status.

If he goes out to Los Angeles and forms a team with CP3, Dwade or Melo, that's not enough to compete with the Warriors. But then there's also a high possibility that he doesn't make The Finals after meeting the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

It also doesn't make since for LeBron to return back to Miami because they have too much junk on their roster that would be too hard to move. Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic and Tyler Johnson all have 2019-2020 player options of at least 19.2 million or more and their not getting that on the open market.

The best option and more realistic option for LeBron to compete with the Warriors is to find a way to get Paul George to Cleveland. That means that the Pacers are likely going to want something in return since PG13 is under contract for next year.

That means it's likely Cleveland will have to depart with Kevin Love and I think that's something that is reasonable at this point. Love is a good player but he's one of the most awkwardly positioned players in the league if you ask me. A 6 foot 10 inch power forward that plays the wing but isn't quick enough to guard or drive past wing opponents.

The only way that Cleveland will be able to keep Love, is if Indiana eats their shorts knowing George is gone anyway and trades for Tristan Thompson and Iman Shumpert. If this were to occur, it would slide Love to the center position and move LeBron to the power forward spot.

No matter what happens, LeBron and company need to get George to Cleveland but also convince him to stay if that want to compete or even beat the Warriors in the next couple years.

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