After trading quarterback Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings, the Eagles have named their first-round pick Carson Wentz as the week one starter.

A move that I believe will give Wentz a boost in confidence to start the season. Look at the obvious, Philadelphia plays the Cleveland Browns week one. While the offense has some new acquired weapons, they're not likely to outscore their 17.4 points a game last season.

The Browns defense last season gave up the sixth most yards per game, fourth most points per game and arguably got worse on defense with their own free agents leaving.

What more could Doug Pederson and a rookie quarterback ask for? Going up against one of the worst defenses in the league the first game sounds like a great way to ease your rookie into the NFL if you ask me.

Let's face it Eagles' fans, you guys aren't going to making much noise this season despite having one of the easier schedules. So why not get your future franchise (hopefully) quarterback some experience?

If it doesn't work out and Wentz really struggles this season, he can learn from mistakes or the Eagles can realize he's not their guy. I have always been a believer that if you have to lose, it's better to lose young.

This is a great move by the Eagles if you ask me.