Ronnie Sanders joined Jeff Thurn on Tuesday's edition of Overtime. 

Sanders works at Football Rumor and 24/7 Sports. Hear the conversation between Thurn and Sanders below:

What's the best college job that is open, ranked 1-2-3? Is it Florida, Michigan, or Nebraska?

"Florida, Michigan, Nebraska."

Is it unrealistic for Nebraska fans to think they can get an 'elite' coach? 

"I think it is. I think the reason for that is, if you look back at the premier jobs in the country, and let's start with the SEC. You look at the top six jobs in the SEC. Alabama hires Nick Saban, but let's not forget they were turned down by Rich Rodriguez first. Nick Saban, things weren't going very well for the Dolphins. Before that, they hired Mike Shula, Dennis Franchione, Mike DuBose and Mike Price. You look at Auburn, Auburn has hired the head coach at Arkansas State, Iowa State, Ole Miss, Samford and Wyoming. So, Florida has hired now two assistants, the head coach at Utah and looks like they are about to hire the head coach at Colorado State. Elite guys don't leave elite programs. People talk about Bob Stoops leaving and going to Florida, usually those things don't happen.  There's enough of a difference for Les Miles to leave Oklahoma State and go to LSU. Or Tommy Tuberville to leave Ole Miss and go to Auburn. There's not enough of a difference for guys to leave a top 10 or 12 job to go to a top four or five job. It just doesn't happen and frankly, I am not sure Nebraska is a top 10 of 15 job anymore. They don't play in the Big 12 anymore. They don't play Oklahoma or play in Texas. If you are at Nebraska, where are you suppose to recruit? New York. You play in the Big Ten. Where are you suppose to recruit?"

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