South Dakota high school basketball and volleyball adopted the "round of 16" for all classes, and now the SDHSAA has changed the name to something more South Dakota like.

When the idea was discussed to take the top 16 teams and play out a full tournament for basketball and volleyball, the original vote was under the moniker of the "Sweet 16." The "Sweet 16" is a trademark owned by the NCAA in regards to basketball events and the SDHSAA is unable to use the term. Last year the SDHSAA opted just to call it the "Round of 16" and that seemed to be accepted by everyone.

That was until yesterday (October 31). As part of the SDHSAA Board of Directors meeting on October 31, the SDHSAA has voted to implement a name change to the "Round of 16." The official new name of the sub-state round will be the "SoDak 16" for both volleyball and basketball. The meeting said that a survey of member schools preferred the name "SoDak 16" to the "Round of 16."

The "SoDak 16" name will go into effect immediately and will include the upcoming high school volleyball tournament.

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