I just saw a tweet from the Sioux Falls Police Department that says most stolen vehicles in the city have two things in common. Either the car was left unlocked and/or the keys were left in the car.

Not so long ago, Sioux Falls was still a place where you could, for the most part, keep something unsecured in a car and it would probably still be there when you return. I had a neighbor who always left his car unlocked and he kept his wallet in the center console. That's not something I would have done, but he never had it stolen so it worked for him at that time. However, he never left the keys in the car unattended.

I'm not sure Sioux Falls is a place where you can leave valuables in your car in any area in the city and certainly not the keys. But maybe there are some people who would like their old hooptie to get stolen, who knows.

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Sioux Falls Police says there is an uptick of people walking around in neighborhoods all over town checking car door handles, looking for an easy score. If you know someone who must absolutely have to leave their car doors unlocked, encourage them, at the very least to not leave valuables (phones, purses, wallets, guns) inside, and to take the keys when leaving the vehicle.

As the weather warms up in the Sioux Falls area, people without remote engine starters might want to start their cars and let the A/C cool down the interior. If that's the case, then use the spare key to lock the door from the outside, or take the keyless fob out of the car before going back inside.

These are some common sense things that can be done today to protect property and an embarrassing phone call to the police about missing property or worse, a stolen car.

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