It happens every single season, people whine and complain about superstars sitting out games. But I'm here to tell all the fans, analysts and media members to stop your whining, it's not about you.

Anyone who's 30 and over, I want you to think and ask yourself something. Could my body physically take a full NBA season of 82 games and 35+ minutes each game? If your answer is yes, then you should get your head checked.

Guys like LeBron, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Chris Paul all have earned the right to sit out a few games during the season. They're all on playoff teams that are unlikely to get bounced out of the playoffs but also because of their ages and body of work they contribute. I'll ask again, can you image putting the pounding on your body that Lebron does for all 82 games?

Then there are guys like Curry, Klay, Kawhi, Kyrie, Love, Harden, Wall, Beal and Isaiah Thomas. All these guys, deserve a few nights off because of the amount of work they put in for their team throughout the season. If you think that going and performing at the top of your game every night is easy, then you're crazy.

Again, all these guys that are on playoff teams deserve a few nights off for all their hard work. It's not like they're on teams that are on the edge of making the playoffs. I completely would understand why people would be upset if Andre Drummond or Damian Lillard decided to sit out to rest.

I also understand that fans pay hard earned money to go see their favorite players but if you would rather see your player in the regular season than have your team win a championship, you're a bad fan. Maybe next time you want to take the day off from work, you should reconsider if you've earned it.

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