The final week of the regular season for Class 11AAA has arrived and all teams in the class will be playing for their playoff seedings.

For those that aren't aware, the South Dakota High School Activities Association seeds teams based on seed points over a standard win/loss record. How it works is that it's a team's win/loss record against their opponents win/loss record on a graded scale over the number of games that are played. If it sounds a little confusing...well, it can be.

Class 11AAA Standings:

  1. O'Gorman (8-0, 45.500)
  2. Roosevelt (6-2, 44.250)
  3. Washington (6-2, 43.125)
  4. Brandon Valley (6-2, 43.125)
  5. Watertown (6-2, 42.000)
  6. RC Central (3-5, 40.500)
  7. Lincoln (2-6, 39.125)
  8. Aberdeen Central (1-7, 37.750)
  9. RC Stevens (1-7, 37.750)

*Notes. Washington holds the tiebreaker with a head-to-head win over Brandon Valley. Aberdeen holds the tiebreaker with a head-to-head victory over RC Stevens.

O'Gorman is in the prime spot heading into this Thursday. The Knights are a perfect 8-0 on the season and will play Brandon Valley. It's as easy as this for O'Gorman. If the Knights win, they will be the #1 seed.

The Roosevelt Rough Riders can ONLY catch the top seed if they beat Watertown, O'Gorman loses, Yankton wins, Pierre wins, and Huron loses. That entire combination must happen for Roosevelt to jump O'Gorman. Roosevelt, otherwise, will lock in the #2 seed with a win.

Washington is able to jump Roosevelt for the 2nd seed, but it will take some work. The Warriors will need a win, and for Roosevelt, Yankton, and Pierre to all lose. On top of all that, Brookings would need to beat Huron.

Brandon Valley has the chance to make a huge jump into the playoffs. If the Lynx are able to defeat the Knights, Brandon Valley could potentially jump as high as the #2 seed. That would also require some help with Roosevelt and Washington both losing. The Lynx, however, can't fall further than the 5th seed.

Watertown will most likely be situated as the 5th seed. They can jump Brandon Valley but it would take a lot in order to do so. With head-to-head victories over Rapid City Central and Lincoln, the Arrows won't be able to fall lower than 5th.

RC Central and Lincoln will both be in the playoffs as either the 6th or 7th seed. Lincoln holds a victory over the Cobblers, but it would still take a Lincoln win and Central loss to propel Lincoln above Central.

Aberdeen and RC Stevens will be playing to keep their season alive this weekend. Currently, Stevens would be the team left out of the playoffs, but a Stevens win over RC Central and an Aberdeen loss to Pierre would greatly help out the Raiders. Rapid City Stevens would still need some help from Lincoln, and Spearfish in forms of wins to jump into the 8th spot. Aberdeen would secure the 8th spot with a win over Pierre.

That is just a small sample of the possibilities this upcoming Thursday. This season with four teams sitting at 6-2, and many teams in 11AA sitting at 4-4, the seed points are a lot more complicated than any season I've seen prior. Use this as a guide, but the official bracket will be released by the SDHSAA on Thursday night after the games.


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